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The Germ Story

SARS. The Avian Flu. Pandemic disease. With the public increasingly aware of the dangers of cross-contamination, germs lingering in restrooms and other public areas can no longer hide in plain sight. Proprietors can ill-afford to hide behind antiquated surface solutions that can endanger the health of their patrons, either. learn more>

Germs in the news.learn more>

Green in Demand

From major manufacturers to household heads, the world is growing "greener" by the day—and for good reason. With a globally raised collective consciousness comes a progressively heightened consumer expectation for cleaner, environmentally friendly products, everywhere…including in our public facilities. learn more>

News and Events


  • 21 sep 2012

    Pūrleve impresses Global Investors  learn more>

  • 21 june 2012

    Pūrleve signs an exclusive distribution agreement with Mars Commerce Company Pvt Ltd in India  learn more>

  • 01 june 2012

    Pūrleve signs an exclusive distribution agreement with Nassim Emporio  learn more>

  • 01 mar 2012

    Pūrleve and Zero Flush launch the new EnviroSeal and BioPūr dry cartridge trap system  learn more>

  • 07 feb 2012

    Pūrleve signs an exclusive distribution agreement with PT Pyramid Indosolution  learn more>

  • aug 2011

    Andrew Bennet, Head of Estates and Capital Services for Scarborough and Bridlington hospitals, believes these represent a ‘serious’ action to control cross contamination.  learn more>

  • 12 apr 2011

    Head of Environmental Support Services believes Pūrleve is a ‘Simple, but brilliant’ solution to improve safety.  learn more>



  • October 17 - 19, 2012

    Visit Pūrleve at the ISSA / Interclean® at the McCormick Place Chicago Convention Center  learn more>